Month: November 2009

Wise Guys Vs. Wise Men

  By Oliver Geronilla   Times have indeed changed! Gone were the days when rumor-mongering, yellow journalism, and character assassination were confined to the walls of beauty salons, roadside eateries, and other similar places where rancor and candor filled the bucolic… Read More ›


From LGU-Bulan PIO-Tonyboy G. Gilana   It is November 10. We all listened once more today to the news, hoping perhaps the contents and contexts more complete, perhaps more comprehensive. The air is still melancholic! Yesterday, November 9, in early… Read More ›


(The November 2009 episode) By: Tonyboy G. Gilana   One of the most beautiful, most educational, most meaningful, most poignant, most timely and most relevant shows in Philippine television today is the award-winning ABS-CBN teleserye “Santino”, a story of a… Read More ›