Month: February 2009

Loren Legarda: Avenue Of Green Trees, Poetry And Dreams

by: jun asuncion                                                                                Loren Legarda, Joyce Kilmer and The Sniper – What connects them together? It’s their love or need for trees. Loren Legarda, a  Filipina senator. Loren’s love for trees is known,  a love which manifested itself early in childhood…. Read More ›

Cactus Of The Week

Who likes Cactus? From afar, no doubt Cacti are beautiful ornamental plants especially when in bloom, but Noli Mi Tangere- Dont’ Touch Me, or Stay Away From Me- is the clear message of this thorny succulent plant that we find… Read More ›

Politics and Greed

By Dora The Mouse Politics is defined as “the process by which groups of people make decisions. The term is generally applied to behavior within civil governments, but politics has been observed in all human group interactions, including corporate, academic… Read More ›