Over a Cup of Coffee

or “Beans Of Thought”

Impeachment As A Rite Of Passage

by jun asuncion Cleaning government  institutions of corrupt officials  through legal measure such as impeachment is like cremating old habits in our political culture that hinder the progress of the Philippines. Impeachment is only possible in a democracy since it is an… Read More ›

The Devil is in the Details

by jun asuncion The MILF’s walloping of the AFP last October that killed 19 marines and wounded many  has sent a shockwave to global Filipinos. It was such a lamentable loss should not really  happen in modern warfare. This carnage showed us again the loopholes in our armed forces… Read More ›

To Correct History?

by jun asuncion Brain drain is a fact.  That we still have brilliant brains  in the Philippines is also a fact.  Among such brains I have considered are Senator Escudero and Senator Legarda. But it seems that intelligence is something and motivation… Read More ›

An Asuncion at Mensa- Switzerland

A personal note, written primarily for my relatives and for those interested in child psychology.   Way back in the 1980’s, during my college years in Manila, my favorite psychology subjects were psychological testing (psychometrics), projective techniques, psychopathology, mental hygiene, theories of personality, experimental… Read More ›

If You Would Ask Me

 by jun asuncion    Or let me say, if I may ask you.  By chance, I read yesterday that the 18-year-old,  fresh high-school graduate Alexandra Mills of Lousville, USA, won the Miss World beauty pageant. This reminded me of our… Read More ›

He Laughs Best Who Laughs Last

by jun asuncion    Post-Easter Reflections Accused, convicted and resurrected- three events in the life of Jesus at the end of his earthly existence. But before disappearing, He made a new covenant with men, a covenant of peace and love, of moral uprightness… Read More ›

From Everything To Nothing

  by jun asuncion   Transparency and accountability are two things that are so earthly. You don’t blame the universe if it’s hard for people on Earth in responsible governmental positions to cultivate these two qualities while in office and having access… Read More ›

From Nothing To Everything

  by jun asuncion   Today’s condensed thoughts while reading the write-ups of  Mr. Guim,  Mr. Geronilla and  Mayor Helen De Castro.   On Chess and Politics. Up to a certain point,  chess and politics do fit together because they both are concerned… Read More ›

Have A Way With Words

  by  Oliver Geronilla   The power to communicate effectively and wisely sets us apart from our primitive roots, but it’s the ability to understand and respond pragmatically and strategically that clearly makes us truly civilized. Last year, BO readers… Read More ›

Choose Freedom First

by jun asuncion   The year 2010 is finally here- and lucky are those who survived because 2009 was a year of calamities and human tragedies for the Filipinos. Still, the tired Filipinos have the right to wish for a better… Read More ›

The Logic Of Christmas

by  jun asuncion   I have always considered the teachings of Jesus Christ not only as a philosophy of morals but also of transcendentalism, Jesus being the first transcendentalist, way back earlier than the German philosopher Immanuel Kant who had maintained… Read More ›

The Anatomy Of Destruction

by jun asuncion   The two super typhoons that went through and above the Philippines have reminded us again of our human vulnerability, but this time with such an intensity that hundreds of thousands of our countrymen were displaced from… Read More ›