A vote for our future

01:20 AM May 3rd, 2016 By: Ramon R. del Rosario Jr., May 3rd, 2016 01:20 AM MAYOR Rodrigo Duterte was our guest at a recent meeting of the Management Association of the Philippines and the Makati Business Club. He is… Read More ›

The Devil is in the Details

by jun asuncion The MILF’s walloping of the AFP last October that killed 19 marines and wounded many  has sent a shockwave to global Filipinos. It was such a lamentable loss should not really  happen in modern warfare. This carnage showed us again the loopholes in our armed forces… Read More ›


JGL Eye By JOSEPH G. LARIOSA (© Journal Group Link International) CHICAGO (jGLi) – Two weeks ago, 12 Philippine senators, including my friend former President Joseph Estrada, got together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their 12-11 vote, rejecting the U.S…. Read More ›

To Correct History?

by jun asuncion Brain drain is a fact.  That we still have brilliant brains  in the Philippines is also a fact.  Among such brains I have considered are Senator Escudero and Senator Legarda. But it seems that intelligence is something and motivation… Read More ›


JGL Eye By JOSEPH G. LARIOSA   CHICAGO (jGLi) – In his diary, Philippine national hero Jose Rizal described Missouri River as twice the size of Pasig River in its widest part. Missouri is just the second largest tributary of… Read More ›

On Looking Back

  by jun asuncion   I guess many of you have already noticed that over the last few weeks, comments that came in were mostly on my posts about the Asuncion History thus giving us the impression that we’re drifting… Read More ›

Sports and Politics

 By Oliver Geronilla I join BO in congratulating Mayor Helen De Castro for winning another term as Bulan’s chief executive. This “resounding mandate,” as Mr. Gilana astutely phrased it, will give her ample time to collaborate with Bulan’s crème de… Read More ›

On Accusation And Conviction

  by jun asuncion   Since quite a few of  the observers had indirectly suggested in their comments that the decisions made by the Sandiganbayan do not possess finality in their character, I reproduced herewith-  for clarification purposes and with due acknowledgement to… Read More ›

Still Tongue Makes a Wise Head

  By Oliver Geronilla   Politicians and their apologists have never failed to amaze me. From their empty rhetoric to their convoluted orchestration of truth down to their infuriating chutzpah, everything seems to bring me to a fleeting rapture of… Read More ›

Playing Politics

  By Oliver Geronilla   Ask the children around you what they know about Bulan politics. I’m dead certain that you’d get the same answer that my childhood friends and I used to give: it’s all about the bigwigs plus… Read More ›

Have A Way With Words

  by  Oliver Geronilla   The power to communicate effectively and wisely sets us apart from our primitive roots, but it’s the ability to understand and respond pragmatically and strategically that clearly makes us truly civilized. Last year, BO readers… Read More ›