Month: February 2008

The Sound Of Silence

Yes, it would be a good topic –Positive Mindset and  Corruption in Politics. Hower, I suggest to do it on another occasion for what interests me now is this deafening sound of silence in  barangay Fabrica and Aquino. Well, what has happened to them? A sudden silence… Read More ›

Wanted: World Mayor 2008

Bulan Observer congratulates Lady Mayor Marides Fernando of Marikina City for being chosen one of the 50 Finalists for the World Mayor award 2008 out of the original  820 recommended candidates from all over the world. From these 50 Finalists, the… Read More ›

The Road To Freedom

 (This is my response to Roy Gersalia’s article entitled  A Source Of Courage And Inspiration  as published in his kaadman site) You’re right, courage is not an absence of fear, but that by choosing the right thing, man overcomes fear to give place… Read More ›

Protect Yourself

The Right of Self-Defense is as old as man himself, much older than the written laws ( positive law) which came  much later, and is the ultimate right  at his disposal when there is an immediate threat to life and limb. This right springs… Read More ›

A Government Run Like Hell

  Thank you prodebate4 for sharing your thoughts and your battles in life. Our country is still in experimental stage, still searching for the best form of government and leadership, the so called search for identity after the historical traumas… Read More ›