Town Agenda

The Bulan Town Fiesta

(Bulan Observer Quick Press)  by: jun asuncion The people of Bulan have just celebrated their Fiesta from May 30-31. A town Fiesta functions as a bonding mechanism for it stresses the cultural traditions we have as one people, highlighted by events such… Read More ›

The Future Of Bulan

(This is my reponse to attybenji’s comment on Stop it now- or the strength of the Barangay)  Thanks for your comment and for your updating me about the SK. With you Bulan has found another spokesman in its fight for… Read More ›

A Government Run Like Hell

  Thank you prodebate4 for sharing your thoughts and your battles in life. Our country is still in experimental stage, still searching for the best form of government and leadership, the so called search for identity after the historical traumas… Read More ›