More Fundraising work to be done

by jun asuncion A cruel twist of fate would have it that the Ketsana Foundation’s library project be deferred to another propitious time. The unimaginable scale of destruction to lives and properties, the unfathomable depth of sorrows and pains, existential angst and social displacement… Read More ›

Benefit Concert 2013

by junasun The Ketsana Foundation in Zürich which was founded by Franklin Patricio and Milagros Asuncion, with active members Jun Asuncion and Elizabeth Patricio, has organized another Benefit Concert in Zürich this coming November 21, 2013 which will  be held at the Gemeindesaal Zollikon, Rotfluhstrasse 96, … Read More ›

An Asuncion at Mensa- Switzerland

A personal note, written primarily for my relatives and for those interested in child psychology.   Way back in the 1980’s, during my college years in Manila, my favorite psychology subjects were psychological testing (psychometrics), projective techniques, psychopathology, mental hygiene, theories of personality, experimental… Read More ›

The Noodle In Asuncions’ Soup

 by jun asuncion                                       Clarifying some confusions.                 I’ve tried to know whether our patriarch Mariano Kagalitan was originally a  native Muslim. He was for sure not a mestizo of any kind or a Spaniard for he also had to change his… Read More ›

When A Shaman Runs Amok

Or,  The Problem Of Depression And Violence In Finland It happened just a few hours after I have posted my previous article about Finland: In Kauhajoki, Finland, a Finnish gunman ran amok killing  several students in a classroom. This horror echoes last November… Read More ›

The Great Filipino Dream

Or, Greed Over Education   (This is actually my response to attybenji’s comment on Teachers, Don’t Leave Us Kids Alone!) You may recall that Mrs. Arroyo refers to college education as the ‘great Filipino dream’. Indeed she’s right this time considering… Read More ›

Poignant Memories of the Distant Past

Our Land Of Paradise By: Tiger Of Serengeti                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Once upon a time, many decades ago, there were these beautiful islands sitting in the middle of the vast blue ocean on the other side of the world undisturbed of its… Read More ›


Or, A Change Must Come From Within! by: atty. benji “Watch your thoughts, they become words; Watch your words, they become actions; Watch your actions, they become habits; Watch your habits, they become character; Watch your character, for it becomes… Read More ›