Month: January 2010

From Everything To Nothing

  by jun asuncion   Transparency and accountability are two things that are so earthly. You don’t blame the universe if it’s hard for people on Earth in responsible governmental positions to cultivate these two qualities while in office and having access… Read More ›

From Nothing To Everything

  by jun asuncion   Today’s condensed thoughts while reading the write-ups of  Mr. Guim,  Mr. Geronilla and  Mayor Helen De Castro.   On Chess and Politics. Up to a certain point,  chess and politics do fit together because they both are concerned… Read More ›

Have A Way With Words

  by  Oliver Geronilla   The power to communicate effectively and wisely sets us apart from our primitive roots, but it’s the ability to understand and respond pragmatically and strategically that clearly makes us truly civilized. Last year, BO readers… Read More ›

Choose Freedom First

by jun asuncion   The year 2010 is finally here- and lucky are those who survived because 2009 was a year of calamities and human tragedies for the Filipinos. Still, the tired Filipinos have the right to wish for a better… Read More ›