Asuncion’s History

Art & Family: The Asuncion Legacy

Ayala Museum, with the support of Bench, DivinaLaw, Araneta & Faustino Law Offices, and AuraStrat, will be presenting an exhibition of 19th century paintings, illustrations, and sculptures by preeminent Filipino artists of the time, the brothers Justiniano, Leoncio, and Mariano Asuncion…. Read More ›

Art and Family: The Asuncion Legacy

THE Ayala Museum presents an exhibition of 19th century paintings, illustrations, and sculptures by the pre-eminent Filipino artists of the time, the brothers Justiniano, Leoncio, and Mariano Asuncion. Entitled Art and Family: The Asuncion Legacy, the exhibit will be on display at… Read More ›

Asuncion Clan’s Affair

posted by jun asuncion The meaning of the Asuncion clan’s surname The clan’s name comes from the mystery called “La Asuncion De Nuestra Senõra” or the Assumption of our Lady both body and soul to heaven. This mystery express Mary^s… Read More ›

Asuncion kin reunion

by jun asun* To all Asuncion relatives: There will be a reunion on August 15 at 24 Times Street as requested by Sor Marissa Asuncion to celebrate the Feast of La Asuncion de Nuestra Seniora. There will be a 6:30… Read More ›

Atty. K. Digno M. Asuncion

by Eduardo C. Rojas  Today at 8:36 AM My fellow Asuncion relatives, just saw this post of cousin Elcee’s FB.  Elcee is our second cousin (my generation though Elcee and her sibling Architect K Digno are younger).  Their dad K…. Read More ›

Asuncion Clan Reunion 2013

“Kita Kits Muli Tayo” “ASUNCION TOGETHER FOREVER” WHEN:      April 6, 2013 @ 4:00pm onwards WHERE:   #18 Collins ST. Dona Faustina I                   Culliat, Quezon City                   Atty. Godofredo Asuncion‘s                   Residence and  Clubhouse                     Pls. call :      Lota  Asuncion Abella-   Atty. Nina Asuncion-  Atty…. Read More ›

Faces Of My Fathers

by  jun asuncion Early in life I have learned to accept that some things shall just remain as dreams, as persistent longings  that I’ll be carrying around. Since the start of  this search for my  Asuncion roots, my longings to know… Read More ›

Moved To Tears

by jun asuncion My cousin Sonny Rayos has just done  a magnificent job by taking photos of our great ancestor  Justiniano Asuncion’s Watercolor Paintings at the New York Public Libraray. He said he was moved almost to tears to hold and… Read More ›

Genealogy of the Asuncion

These documents were sent to me by various cousins. It took me a long time to release them because of technical problems. Now that they’re out, I hope that these will inspire the young Asuncions of today and move the older ones in possession… Read More ›

An Asuncion at Mensa- Switzerland

A personal note, written primarily for my relatives and for those interested in child psychology.   Way back in the 1980’s, during my college years in Manila, my favorite psychology subjects were psychological testing (psychometrics), projective techniques, psychopathology, mental hygiene, theories of personality, experimental… Read More ›

The Loving Eye For Detail

   A 19th-century burgher records the faces of his people (originally published in the 1975 edition of the Archipelago magazine)  by Santiago A. Pilar     Perhaps the most satirical of witticisms expressed about the Philippines during the Spanish times… Read More ›