The Great Filipino Dream

Or, Greed Over Education   (This is actually my response to attybenji’s comment on Teachers, Don’t Leave Us Kids Alone!) You may recall that Mrs. Arroyo refers to college education as the ‘great Filipino dream’. Indeed she’s right this time considering… Read More ›

Sad For My Country

An old article authored by The Call Of The Wild   I recently read an article in the newspaper about the current squabbles between the son of the former Speaker of the House, Mr. de Venecia, and the first Gentleman Arroyo.  I… Read More ›

Poignant Memories of the Distant Past

Our Land Of Paradise By: Tiger Of Serengeti                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Once upon a time, many decades ago, there were these beautiful islands sitting in the middle of the vast blue ocean on the other side of the world undisturbed of its… Read More ›

The Pen or The Sword?

The perennial question involving  pen and sword: Which is mightier? Well, you have read atty. benji’s exposition about this matter in his article “badil vs. tabil“. As of now I’m inclined to say that both of them could be  useless… Read More ›

To Senior Citizen

( Translation-highlighted in red- from Bulan dialect to English and vice-versa is done by  and credited to Atty. Benji of Bulan Observer. ) jun asuncion: As promised, I’m back with my answer to your comment. To keep the overview, I broke… Read More ›

The Logic Of Greed

(Or, The Long Process Of Moral Evolution)   We Bikolanos can only hope for a miracle: That in view of 2010’s election, these trapos(traditional politicians) are also thinking genuinely about the welfare of the Bikolanos, and not only that of… Read More ›


Or, A Change Must Come From Within! by: atty. benji “Watch your thoughts, they become words; Watch your words, they become actions; Watch your actions, they become habits; Watch your habits, they become character; Watch your character, for it becomes… Read More ›

Your Welfare is my Concern

  “The Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer is a public opinion survey that has been administered around the world each year since 2003. The Barometer explores how corruption affects the daily lives of ordinary citizens, asking about the general public’s… Read More ›

Chicken and Egg Question

FEATURED COMMENT: ( A comment sent by J.A. Carizo of “Bik-Lish”, of Legaspi City to atty. benji’s article ” Who is to be blame for Poverty…”. I post it here in front to introduce the author and his writings. The title was taken… Read More ›