Month: August 2010

The Loving Eye For Detail

   A 19th-century burgher records the faces of his people (originally published in the 1975 edition of the Archipelago magazine)  by Santiago A. Pilar     Perhaps the most satirical of witticisms expressed about the Philippines during the Spanish times… Read More ›

On Looking Back

  by jun asuncion   I guess many of you have already noticed that over the last few weeks, comments that came in were mostly on my posts about the Asuncion History thus giving us the impression that we’re drifting… Read More ›

Stitching Up Dreams

         by Michelle Dayrit-Soliven        Her dreams are made of a thousand and one fabrics fashioned out of a thousand and one stitches. This I learned about Cora de Jesus Manimbo.    One of the most meaningful events… Read More ›

The Noodle In Asuncions’ Soup

 by jun asuncion                                       Clarifying some confusions.                 I’ve tried to know whether our patriarch Mariano Kagalitan was originally a  native Muslim. He was for sure not a mestizo of any kind or a Spaniard for he also had to change his… Read More ›